Our Research Support Services


Inogro is recognized as a center of excellence for engineering services. We encourage innovative thinking and fresh perspectives. We have been able to establish and grow profitable business relationship with our clients. Our aim is to provide complete satisfaction to our valued client’s despite-off stiff competition in the Market. In order to achieve complete client’s satisfaction, we target to deliver best in class quality and highest level of services in our company. There are some services which we are delivering successfully to our clients.


Inogro offers a high quality and cost-effective research support solutions to clients. We generate potential to innovation and growth by customizing our solutions based on client requirements. Our clients include large corporations, research firms, law firms, universities, licensing firms, manufacturing firms, individual inventors, and engineering solutions designers.

Business Development Research

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Patent Research & Analysis

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Technology Research

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Auto Cad Illustration

Inogro has been delivering successfully high quality Auto cad illustration for years at effective cost to our clients. We have a team of experienced, expert and talented illustrator who gives high quality and cost effective illustration services accessible to clients worldwide.

Drawing activities in:


  •  Patent drawings
  •  Mechanical engineering drawings
  •  Electrical engineering drawings
  •  Civil engineering drawings
  •  Medical drawings
  •  All other kinds of drawings