Trainings & Knowledge Pool

Corporate Training

To reflect the high caliber of candidates that we are seeking, we offer competitive packages and a commitment for training and continual professional development. All trainees receive excellent support towards qualification, and professional development of qualified members of staff is encouraged with regular seminars. Inogro works on a meritocracy basis where hard work and success are recognized and rewarded with a clear career path and a promotional ladder to equity ownership. Inogro is an equal opportunities employer.

Industrial Training

We offer in-house training as well as training at our principles sites to all our engineers to enhance their technical knowledge in order to serve latest trends in technology. Fresh out of colleges or any experienced wherever you are in your career path, we offer a host of challenging opportunities working for top-tier clients across industries. If you are just starting your career our wide industry reach and broad exposure to the latest technologies provides you with a wide world of opportunities to launch your career in the right direction.

Highlighted features of our training

  • Motivation
  • Support
  • Knowledge
  • Teaching
  • Workshop
  • Practice
  • Instruction
  • Mentor
  • Advising
  • Technical skills
  • Professional Development
  • Personality development

If you are interested in a training with us, please send your resume to

Knowledge Pool

This is an open forum to exchange technology-related ideas and thoughts, discuss challenges and share knowledge on a host of topics that are relevant to the field of engineering. Our technology experts have helped to compile engineering-specific topics. We solicit your valuable inputs relevant to the discussion posts. As leading managed service provider we have experience improving the performance of learning for dozens of corporations across multiple industry sectors. Our capabilities deliver a comprehensive managed service covering everything from initial needs analysis through to a final assessment of how that service performed and the lessons to be taken from it. A well-managed service provider becomes a single partner and offers a channel to manage all business activity and solutions. Our services are an ideal platform for those clients who want to make a real impact and introduce world-class solutions. Our clients take smart decisions, thanks to the predictability in our process simulation solutions.